Why FUTMillionaire is the Best Bot Available

For most people who buy the new edition of FIFA every year, the main attraction is usually FIFA’s competitive mode- FIFA Ultimate Team (also referred to as FUT).

In Ultimate Team you can let your creative juices flow freely and build the team your dreams, or so they say…        

Ultimate Team involves a variety of gamemodes and other features.It has a transfer Market where one can buy and sell cards with the help of coins(the ingame currency) and also has lootboxes(also known as packs) in which you stand the chance to pack your favorite players.However to truly be able to own and build an Ultimate Team simply opening packs will not be sufficient to build your dream team.

As mentioned earlier, FIFA Coins is the primary in-game currency of FUT. You earn coins by playing matches, completing objectives and by selling players on the transfer market.Coming to the transfer market, as the name suggests it is an online in-game market in which you can sell the cards that you have obtained by opening packs where other people can bid for your item if they want it. EA cuts a portion of 5% of the selling price as Tax and coins get transferred from the buyers account to the sellers account and the card is transferred to the buyer.

Another form of in-game currency is also available, known as FIFA Points.Unlike FIFA Coins ,FIFA Points cannot be earned by any in-game activity like playing matches and completing daily objectives.FIFA Points can only be bought from EA in exchange of real money in the form of microtransactions.FIFA Points are mainly used to buy packs from the store and are the main source of revenue for EA. The most cheapest FIFA Point bundle, by points per euro spent is the 12000 FIFA Points bundle which will set you back a whopping €99.99.       

If you try to obtain a team like the one below you would probably have to spend equivalent to a small island nation’s GDP because of the poor pack weight and low pack returns.

It has been shown previously that spending a large amount of FIFA Points is not necessarily a sure fire way to get a good team. In a study, a man buys over €3800 worth of FIFA Points and does not even pack one 90+ rated player to show for, let alone an icon.

So, the only way to make sure that you are able to afford a great pro-tier team is by making sure that you have enough coins to be able to buy the best players available and have a competitive edge over the others.The easiest way to earn a lot of coins quickly is by making use of the most safest, reliable and effective TradingBot – FUTMillionaire.In this article we explain what a trading bot is , why you should be using a TradingBot and why FUTMillionaire is the best option for you.

What is Trading and why you should be doing it

We’ve said so much about coins and trading and what not, but first and foremost what exactly is trading? Trading is simply “buying low and selling high”.Sounds easy, no? But it’s not. To be a master trader one must know the ins and outs of the transfer market and how it works.Not to mention, that a deep understanding of how supply and demand works and affects prices of cards also goes a long way in contributing to your success in trading.

In trading you have to buy cards or items at a low price and then resell them to other players at a higher price. By doing this you can increase your coin balance which will help you in improving your team and help you compete.Now there are websites which track the prices of each card in FUT and can help you make informed decisions when it comes to trading like- when to buy and when to sell.

With the advent of websites like FUTBIN,FUThead and FUTwiz it has become much easier to identify price trends and play the market to yield immense profits.Certain cards go up in value because of certain SBCs, events ,etc.If one can successfully manage to identify these trends then it is very easy to profit from trading.

Since we’ve already explained to you that FIFA Points are not worth it, the only viable way to make improvements to your team by earning coins is by trading.So, the only way to keep up with people with elite squads is to trade for coins and then make improvements to your team over the FIFA cycle.

What is a TradingBot?

Since it is very hard for people,(especially newcomers) to master trading and identify which cards can be flipped for a profit,certain tools were designed to help newcomers trade easily and also help veteran traders improve their profits significantly.These tools are software programs which can be used to automate your desired trades and thereby exponentially increase your profits.These types of software which automate your FUT trading without the need of your intervention are called TradingBots.In the transfer market you have 2 ways of buying a card that is on sale.You can either bid on them or simply use the ‘Buy it Now’ functionality.

When you bid on an item the amount of coins are automatically deducted from your balance.Other people can also bid on an item that you have bid on. When every any is listed, the user has an option of a time limit that can be set to a variety of options ranging from 1 hour to 3 days. The time duration is the amount of time for which an item is listed on the market If after that amount of time no bids have been placed on the item, it is still owned by the seller.Once the time runs out, the player that placed the highest bid before the time ran out is the new owner of the card.

You could also make use of ‘Buy it now’(BIN) function.When you BIN an item the coins are instantly deducted from your account and credited to the seller’s account after cutting 5% tax. BIN prices are always higher than bid prices on an item.BIN prices always have an upper and lower limit depending on the cards, this is to ensure it is not easy to simply trade coins from one account to the other.

TradingBots usually come with only one of two functionalities-

  1. AutoBidder
  2. AutoBuyer


        These are programs that make use of the Bid functions.Basic AutoBidders will ask you for certain parameters on which they can identify cards and will bid on them depending on the price parameters than you(the user) will set. Once an item is won in abid they will automatically list them up for trade for the desired price.Using AutoBidders you can automate your trading that you would normally have to do manually.AutoBuyers can get a lot of profit if you can select perfect cards and parameters on which to trade.However it is difficult for newcomers to find their own perfect niches and get profit easily.


        These are programs that make use of the BIN function.Basic AutoBuyers will ask you for certain parameters on which they can identify cards and will automatically BIN them depending on the price parameters than you will set. Once an item BINed (also known as sniped) they will automatically list them up for trade for the desired price.Using AutoBuyers you can automate your trading that you would normally have to do manually.The primary difference in AutoBuyers and AutoBidders is the use of BIN over Bid and the speed at which profit can be made.Because you have to wait until the timer is completed in AutoBidders it takes marginally longer time to gain profits as compared to AutoBuyers.

        Note-Cheap non premium AutoBuyers are more likely to draw attention from EA and will likely get your account banned. It is much more safer to use trusted and risk free TradingBots like FUTMillionaire.

There are quite a few TradingBots and CoinGenerators on the internet. Please make note that all Coin Generators are a scam and are designed to loot money from gullible people.Also because of the vastness of the FIFA community and due to the sheer number of people who play the game there has also been a steady rise in fake TradingBots that simply charge you exorbitant amounts of money and provide little or no services.

FUTMillionaire is one of the only TradingBots that you can actually trust and rely on.FUTMillionaire is the oldest TradingBots in the industry and has carved out its own separate niche because of the program’s versatility and ever increasing capabilities.While most TradingBots offer either the service of an AutoBuyer(a program automatically hunts for items that are listed for a relatively lower BIN Price and buys them) or an AutoBidder(Program automatically places a bid on a card if it meets certain predefined parameters) FUTMillionaire comes with both these services, that too in an affordable price and with money back guarantee if it does not work for you!

Why FUTMillionaire should be the only TradingBot you should consider buying

Advantages of Using a Trading Bot

For years now, there has been a heated argument about trading bots- are FIFA trading robots legal to use? The forums on Reddit -r/FIFA and discussion boards are full of hardworking manual traders who seem to hate and rage over people who rely on the services of FUT Trading Bots. This is because they have spent years of sweat,blood and tears(okay, maybe I’m over exaggerating) perfecting their talent and honing their skills to master FUT trading bot, only to be outdone by someone who simply employs the services of a bot.

One of the main reasons trading bots are so controversial is because they’re so darn effective.Those who do not use trading bots say that bots are against the Terms Of Service(ToS) of the game, while those who do use them simply claim that bots merely simulate what a human trader would do, albeit on its own without human intervention.

Trading Bots face large opposition simply because they are too good, too fast and very difficult to compete with.Some advantages of using FUTMillionaire are-

FUTMillionaire gives you quick results:
If you make use of FUTMillionaire’s AutoBuyer, you don’t have to keep refreshing for new deals on the last page and try to manually snipe for players that you want to invest in.Simply fill in the parameters and AutoBuyer will snipe players which meet your criteria.FUTMillionaire is the fastest of all the bots available in the market right now.And it is also  much faster than humans so there is a relatively higher rate of success when using FUTMillionaire compared to if you were sniping manually.You also do not have to waste hours over hours on sniping when you could be doing much more important work like actually playing the game instead of being glued to the transfer market.

FUTMillionaire is Highly protected:
FUTMillionaire is highly protected, it ensures that no one but yourself can access your account.This makes you and your precious cards impervious to any hacking.No personal details are stored in the FUTMillionaire’s program so your data will not be mined for any other purposes.FUT Millionaire will also let you know why some of your coin making methods aren’t working if you are not that experienced in FUT trading.It is the only bot to come with a guide that will help you turn your team into a pro-level team.

FUTMillionaire reduces human error and helps you improve:
FUTMillionaire bots are very easy to use and can be picked up very quickly because it is very intuitive. Once mastery over the program is achieved, making coin profit will come to you very naturally and will become second nature. However, just in case your profits begin to stagnate or plateau, FUTMillionaire also comes with a detailed guide, that will help you in case you need it.Most people who use the guidelines and master the FUTMillionaire earn in excess of 100,000 coins per day and such a huge amount will let you build your ‘ultimate team’ in a matter of days.

FUTMillionaire helps you come up with a sound decision:

 As mentioned above, elite Trading Bots like FUTMillionaire come with certain guidelines that will help you in your pursuit of coins .These are very detailed and you can pick up on the basics in no time.You will also get updates from the bot regarding what times are the best to invest and which players could pay off as certain long term investments.This will certainly help you in making more and more coins everyday.

FUTMillionaire has a 60-Day money back guarantee: 

Note-This is not true for all trading bots,Only FUTMillionaire has this feature because they believe completely in their products.In the unfortunate circumstances in which you cannot get results or the trading bot simply is not compatible with your device you are free to avail all your money back.This drastically reduces the risk of your investment into the bot but it is an investment that will pay off big time in the form of millions over millions in coins.

FUTMillionaire gives exclusive Access To Private Trading Lounge:

FUTMillionaire grants you the access to highly exclusive forums consisting of the most experienced traders in the world of FIFA.Here you can discuss various trading methods with them and plan your next big trading move and ensure you make full advantage of the price you have paid.

List of recommended Items

If you are a newcomer and a novice in trading then have no fear because FUTMillionaire comes with a list of cards that you can use to trade and get profits.This list is compiled by traders of the highest calibre and guarantees success.

24×7 Email Support offered by FUTMillionaire Team

In case of any problems that you may face during you FUTMillionaire experience, do not fret because FUTMillionaire offers to all its subscribers 24 hour email support. So in case you have some doubts about how some features work or are wondering why AutoBuyer and AutoBidder don’t seem to be working their magic, you simply have to hit them up on email and they will get back to you and fix your problem.

Monthly 1 Million coins giveaways

Putting the Millionaire in FUTMillionaire, this bot also comes with a monthly 1 Million coins giveaway. No other bot does this and it is very helpful for any trader newcomer or veteran.

We hope that these features have convinced you that the only bot you need is FUTMillionaire. Good day and good luck. We look forward to see you work your magic on the pitch.