Hidden Secrets in FIFA

As long as there are video games developers would put in secret levels, hidden secrets, Easter eggs and we as the players simply cannot get enough of them!

Finding a secret level in a game gave you a bit of notoriety amongst your crew of friends and you had the absolute bragging rights of knowing the exact location of a secret level or Easter egg within a game when no one else did! Developers put great effort in hiding these juicy bits of gaming treasure and there are completionists amongst us who simply cannot say they have finished a game until they found every single secret within it!

When you think of secret modes and levels what comes to mind naturally are big open world game that is full of content and huge maps to explore or you think of FPS games or almost any game genre before sports games.

When it comes to sports simulations there is so much licensed content that adding a single player that the game doesn’t have the license for could lead to serious legal consequences. Sports games, for the most part, do everything by the book so we were amazed and surprised when we found out that FIFA actually had its fair share of secret modes and Easter eggs throughout its long history!

We always thought that FIFA didn’t need any secrets in it because some of the goals your friend scored against you or some of the chances you missed in the 90th minute of the game are a bigger mystery than the Bermuda Triangle but here we are, FIFA has them and quite a lot in fact!

Let’s check out some of the best-hidden secrets in FIFA:


1: FIFA 2000 UFO Mode

You have to understand, the beginning of a new Millennium was a strange time for the world. People were worried about the Millennium bug, some believed that the end of the world will come and others even believed that aliens will come down to Earth! We don`t know if this direction of thinking had anything to do with it but the developers behind the FIFA 2000 had a bit of fun at the alien visitor`s expense. There is an actual UFO mode. How it worked was, basically, there would be a UFO freely roaming the field above the players and it would randomly abduct players from squads! Crazy time!

Image source: YouTube.com


2: FIFA 15 Camera display image

FIFA prides itself on always trying to give you the best football immersion experience right down to the smallest detail. The level of detail is such that even the cameras of sideline cameraman have images on them. What was particularly interesting is that the image on the camera display is an actual image from an actual football game! The game in question was a 2010 clash between Manchester United and Liverpool when Dimitar Berbatov scored a hat-trick. The image was blurry, but players were able to identify the Bulgarian center forward in the picture.

Image source: dailymail.co.uk


3: FIFA 13 Booing of Mullan

This one is not a secret, but it is a cool little feature that is based on terrible real life events. During the match between Colorado Rapids and Seattle Sounders Mullan brutally tackled Steve Zakuani and broke his leg!  This subsequently led to Zakuani having to end his professional career way before his time. In FIFA 13 whenever the two teams are playing and Mullan is in possession the entire stadium boos him until he passes the ball to another player. Cool bit of a reminder from FIFA developers on this incident.

Image source: soundersfc.com


4: The BOOM Throw in

This one again isn’t a big secret but just an amazing evidence of just how much work and effort and to which extent every single detail and nuance from the football world is considered when creating the game. Wiliams from Chivas is mostly known for his giant throw in throws! Whenever this happened in a real game the crowd would cheer BOOM! So, in FIFA 2012 that is exactly what happened, whenever he threw the ball in, the crowd would cheer BOOM! There are not many times this is heard in the gaming world but well-done EA, well done!

Image source: YouTube.com


5: Santana commentary

FIFA 15 had a cool hidden feature. Whenever you make your own custom player, you have the option to choose what name or nickname will the commentators say when your player has the ball. If you select your name to be Santana the commentators will say something along the lines of “you can say he is pulling the strings” referring naturally to one of the most famous guitar players in history Carlos Santana. (as a side note when you made your player did you try to be as true to yourself or would you make a player with crazy hairstyles and features and accessories that look nothing like you? I always went for the realistic option maybe make my player blonde since I was an Eminem fan!)

Image source: YouTube.com


6: Lightning mode

Once again, we are going back all the way to FIFA 2000 when apparently some amazingly creative and quirky people worked for EA Sports. We already mentioned that they had a UFO mode in the 2000 edition but that wasn`t enough so they added the Lighting mode. Random players on the pitch would get zapped and turned into dust and no one was safe. Truly awesome!

Image source: thelivefeeds.com


7: The Mario Gomez

Image source: ultimateteam.co.uk

Futwiz, being one of the biggest sites out there related to FIFA naturally has every single player on the roster. But the famous German striker Mario Gomez has something a bit extra on any one of his pages. If you click on any of his player cards you will see a button that says “Don`t press this button”. Naturally, everyone presses the button since the urge is unbearable and when you do you are treated to a pop song in Gomez`s honor.


8: The Jason

This is more of a crazy conspiracy theory of sorts but here it goes. There are theories that FIFA is actually linked to the game “Heavy Rain”. On occasion, you can hear the announcer in FIFA and some players with extremely sensitive hearing have reported that the announcer is saying that there is a missing child named Jason. There were theories that the games share the same universe and that they are linked by this announcement. Personally, I do believe that this is not just a coincidence but a nod to the famous Jason call from “Heavy Rain”. If you don`t know it Heavy Rain is an amazing story driven game however in one sequence your character is calling out to his son Jason who went missing in a shopping mall. The voice acting in this particular sequence was so bad that it was funny, and it became instantly famous in the gaming community.

Image source: YouTube.com

9: Unbuyable players

For some strange reasons there are some players that you can never ever buy, is it a bug, will it be fixed we don`t know but the list does include some big names that could boost your squad if you were able to get them. The list of players you just can`t get includes former England striker Emile Heskey, goalkeeper Victor Valdes and Icelandic legend Eidor Gudjonsen, strange indeed! With just these three you could have a reliable goalkeeper and a strong forward duo although maybe not a good idea to pair those guys up, similar style of play. But one strong heavy forward paired with a smaller lightning quick partner could be a winning combination.

Image source: YouTube.com

10: Wycombe Wanderers squad!

image source: wikipedia.org

This is straight up from FIFA 18. If the game ends abruptly due to any reason (RAGE QUIT) or you have your internet connection down there is another form of a technical issue your player will become a 50 rated Wycombe Wanderer. We don`t know if this is on purpose or just some technical glitch but if something like this happens you can even see C Ronaldo with a 50 rating and in a Wycombe Wanderers kit!

So there you have it. These are some of the secrets that we could find regarding FIFA. We are now sure that the football giant has many many more undiscovered treasures that are waiting for players with a keen eye for details and much available free time, seriously like, a lot!

Tell us what you think. Do you like Easter eggs in sports games like FIFA? Do you like Easter eggs in general?

The general consensus amongst our team is that we love them, especially the UFO mode and the lightning mode from FIFA 200. Imagine losing a few games in a row and naturally it`s not your skills it’s the team so why not let them get zapped a bit?! We genuinely loved it and we would strongly encourage the team in EA Sports to continue adding these little secrets into their games!

If you know any secrets we might have missed please share we would love to see them!

See you on the pitch!