Best FIFA Ultimate Team Trading Tools

Every year millions of new players pick up the latest edition of FIFA and are hopeful to be able to compete at the highest level of the game.Introduced in FIFA 09 FUT(FIFA Ultimate Team) has now become one of the leading game modes in the world.FIFA is quickly evolving as an esport and all official FIFA eSport events have thousands over thousands people who stream it live on Twitch and other platforms

 If someone wants to get better at FIFA they are usually pointed in the direction of FUT(FIFA Ultimate Team)-which is FIFA’s primary competitive game mode.But every year, regardless of whether you are a new UT player or a FUT founder,FUT can seem pretty daunting in the beginning because of the lack of coins and lower playerbase which leads to a low supply of cards to buy or sell.

Every year may seem like a new challenge regardless of how experienced you are.We all have a dream squad whenever the new edition of FIFA is released, we all fantasize of having an end game team that would be the object of all of our friend’s envy. We won’t admit it but we all dream of destroying some poor scrub whose best players are some 79 rated non-rares with our beast informs and icons.

The only problem is that , a lot of people have the same idea.And considering the fact that players like Cristiano Ronaldo,Lionel Messi,Thierry Henry and Ronaldo ‘O Fenômeno’ Nazario are some of the games highest rated players and are naturally amongst the rarest this becomes an issue.

So there is a huge demand for these players and a very limited supply.Points and packs are not the best idea if you want players of similar calibre as some people have spent over 5000$ and haven’t even had a single 90+ player to show for.

So now you might be asking yourself, how do these streamers and traders get all their superteams. That is the entire purpose of this article.We plan to teach you how to be a masterful trader and will hopefully be responsible for millions of coins in profit.We aim to equip you with all of the best tools that these ‘traders’ have at their disposal and level the playing field somewhat.



To be able to afford an amazing team full of Icons and high caliber cards, many people opt to trade for their coins.Trading involves analysing the market for price trends and being able to predict what kind of cards will go up in price and then ‘investing’ in those cards.There are many different types of trading ,most of which include predicting in-game events on the basis of past FIFA games.You might wonder why do people go through so much just to be able to afford some cards?After all, everyone wants to be the best at  they can at the game.But, to be the best ,one must beat the best and the only way to do that is to level the playing field by having the best possible team to suit your playstyle.

At the start of the game it is very difficult to trade for your coins because there simply aren’t enough coins in the market.So people usually take the easy route of buying FIFA points.While this may seem tempting, many people do not endorse this simply because it is a waste of your money and there is very little to show for it.Others, instead of FIFA Points ,buy FIFA Coins from third party websites .However you must keep in mind that this is against EA’s Terms of Service(ToS), in rare cases accounts have been suspended by EA.So.what should you do?Buy coins and try your luck with packs?Or get coins from a website and simply buy outright players you need?We have the answer to your questions and will help you choose the best option to make your life easier and make sure you can obtain a truly ‘ultimate’ team.

Surprisingly neither would be the smartest option, because of the simple fact that TradingBots like FUTMillionaire exist.What is a TradingBot? Why FUTMillionaire is the best tool available?You’ll have to continue reading to find out-


FUTMillionaire TradingBot

Since it is very hard for people,(especially newcomers) to master trading and identify which cards can be flipped for a profit,certain tools were designed to help newcomers trade easily and also help veteran traders improve their profits significantly.These tools are software programs which can be used to automate your desired trades and thereby exponentially increase your profits.These types of software which automate your FUT trading without the need of your intervention are called TradingBots.In the transfer market you have 2 ways of buying a card that is on sale.You can either bid on them or simply use the ‘Buy it Now’ functionality.

When you bid on an item the amount of coins are automatically deducted from your balance.Other people can also bid on an item that you have bid on. When every any is listed, the user has an option of a time limit that can be set to a variety of options ranging from 1 hour to 3 days.The time duration is the amount of time for which an item is listed on the market If after that amount of time no bids have been placed on the item, it is still owned by the seller.Once the time runs out, the player that placed the highest bid before the time ran out is the new owner of the card.

You could also make use of ‘Buy it now’(BIN) function.When you BIN an item the coins are instantly deducted from your account and credited to the seller’s account after cutting 5% tax. BIN prices are always higher than bid prices on an item.BIN prices always have an upper and lower limit depending on the cards, this is to ensure it is not easy to simply trade coins from one account to the other.


TradingBots usually come with only one of two functionalities-

  1. AutoBidder
  2. AutoBuyer


These are programs that make use of the Bid functions.Basic AutoBidders will ask you for certain parameters on which they can identify cards and will bid on them depending on the price parameters than you(the user) will set. Once an item is won in abid they will automatically list them up for trade for the desired price.Using AutoBidders you can automate your trading that you would normally have to do manually.AutoBuyers can get a lot of profit if you can select perfect cards and parameters on which to trade.However it is difficult for newcomers to find their own perfect niches and get profit easily.


These are programs that make use of the BIN function.Basic AutoBuyers will ask you for certain parameters on which they can identify cards and will automatically BIN them depending on the price parameters than you will set. Once an item BINed (also known as sniped) they will automatically list them up for trade for the desired price.Using AutoBuyers you can automate your trading that you would normally have to do manually.The primary difference in AutoBuyers and AutoBidders is the use of BIN over Bid and the speed at which profit can be made.Because you have to wait until the timer is completed in AutoBidders it takes marginally longer time to gain profits as compared to AutoBuyers.

Note-Cheap non premium AutoBuyers are more likely to draw attention from EA and will likely get your account banned. It is much more safer to use trusted and risk free TradingBots like FUTMillionaire.

Here is a link to a video where he uses AutoBuyer by FUTMIllionaire and you can clearly see how good it is


Other Tools that you can use along with FUTMillionaire

FUT is extremely popular and so naturally it has given rise to a plethora of tools that you can use. Entire catalogues and databases of all players are available online at the tip of your fingers. FUT databases include the likes of FUTBin, FUTHead and FUTWiz. These websites have details of every card that is there in FUT along with useful information like Skill moves ,Weak Foot and all their ingame and face stats. These websites also can be used to improve your trading and ensure that you are able to make good profit and not make a loss on any of your investments.How one can use FUTBin to trade is explained below

Price Graph Predictions-

FUTBin catalogues the price of each and every item in FUT. This include all sorts of cards from 46 rated non rare bronzes and 99 rated TOTYs(Team of the Year) to manager cards and even position change cards. Depending on the type of item the prices are updated more frequently.Eg. In demand gold rare cards’ prices are refreshed more than those bronze cards which are not in demand and have very less value outside of SBCs.

Once it catalogues the price of an item, it also plots a graph of the price in relation to the time of the day or even days since the cards were released. This can be used as predictor and can help us make a sound decision whether or not to invest in certain cards.

Cards that have been slipped drastically in value over a couple days but are steadily rising can be a good investment, whereas cards that have already risen due to certain SBCs or other promos could maybe normalize and you might incur a loss if you invested in those already risen and hyped up cards.

The above graph is of Claudio Bravo(GK) during the game cycle of FIFA 18.On July 31st , an ardent trader would have noticed that his price is slowly rising.If he had bought some cards during that period when Claudio Bravo was still rising and then sold when the trader was happy with the amount that the cards have risen he would have made good profit and almost doubled his investment.

The above graph is of the exact same cards – Claudio Bravo(GK) during the game cycle of FIFA 18.On August 8th , you could easily have noticed that his price is slowly dropping.If he had bought some cards during that period when Claudio Bravo was still rising and then sold when he noticed that the cards were dropping he would have still made some profit and avoided a loss had he waited for it to rise back only to find out that the cards have dropped back down to minimum value.

Thus it is very intuitive how you can use FUTBin , FUTHead and FUTWiz price graphs to predict where the price of the card and try to flip cards for a profit and maybe even avoid or minimise your losses on the investments you have already made.


ShortFUTs-Shortcuts for FUT.

The WebApp and companion has quickly become one of the more p[opular ways to trade. Because you don’t have to be near your console to do this, it becomes very convenient to use the WebApp.

However the build quality of the WebApp is very mediocre. While the functionality is good, it is not very intuitive and offers no keyboard support.You have to do everything manually with your mouse.Don’t worry because ShortFUT comes to your rescue. ShortFUT is an extension for your Web Browser.However,It is currently only available on Google Chrome as of now.

ShortFuts is one of the latest and one of the lesser known tools that can be used to trade in FIFA. This drastically increases the functionality of the FIFA Web App. ShortFuts is the portmanteau of the words Shortcuts and FUT. ShortFUT exposes keyboard shortcuts for FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) web app.The shortcuts are as follows-

Toggles the extension on and off                                                                              Alt+Space
Stores current item in the club                                                                                 S
Buys the current item for BIN price                                                                        N
Compares price of the current item with other items on the market               C
Quick sells the current item                                                                                     Q
Sends current item to transfer list                                                                          T
Lists the current item for minimum BIN                                                              M
Lists the current item (with currently selected price range)                             L
Buys a bronze pack                                                                                                    B
Toggles current item’s status on your transfer targets list                                W
Makes a bid on the current item                                                                             D

Please note that this extension relies on the FIFA web app to be in English.

From the author of the extension-Joe Martella
shortfuts” is a passion project to make using the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) web app more productive. Using this extension, you’ll be able to navigate and perform common actions with your keyboard, rather than having to move and click your mouse like a dummy.

If you loved this feature you won’t believe what we have in store for you next-


FUTBIN Club Import-

So, you have accumulated over 500 gold cards, you’ve opened hundreds of Bronze Packs, your club is loaded and full to the brim with all sorts of players- from 46 rated non rare bronzes and 74 rated rare silvers to maybe some IFs from the danish League. You have no idea what to sell and have no clue where to begin? Futbin Club Import is designed for you.

Using FUTBIN’s Club Import you can load all of your data onto Futbin.Futbin can then calculate each items value and tell you which specific cards hold good value that you could sell.

It also tells you the total value of your team and the transfer list.

Futbins tool can be used to improve your trading and make sure you are on top of everything and make sure that you can optimize the working of your club.

From the tools chrome store description-


The FUTBIN import extension allows you to import your FIFA Ultimate Team club data into your FUTBIN user.

The import page will analyse your club players, consumables, player assists, goals and more.

With the FUTBIN import extension you can navigate your club easily and find:

-Top goal scorers

-Top assists

-Most profitable players

-biggest loss on players.

-Consumables summary

-Trade pile information

-And much more…



In conclusion, we would like to say that even if you don’t make use of the tools we have listed above you can still be a trade a mogul, but you would make your life infinitely easier if you use some of these tools.

Tools like FUTMillionaire lets you automate redundant, boring and redundant tasks and lets you instead focus on the more important aspects of the game – like actually playing the game , instead of just being glued to the transfer market sniping for some players for three hours straight.

The tools we have listed are in decreasing order of priority:-

  1. FUTMillionaire
  2. Price Graphs
  3. ShortFuts Extension
  4. FUTBIN Club Import Extension

We sincerely hope that this article was informative and will help you make a sound decision and help you choose and utilize the tools that you are comfortable with and ensure the optimization of your time spent into the game.