The Truth Behind FIFA Coin Generators

With the rise of online play and the now unbreakable connection between console gaming and an internet connection have come a whole new array of options for gamers and game developers. Developers have now found new ways to charge players a whole lot more money to be able to play a game.

Before this internet age, game developers only gained revenue off games sales. FIFA and EA have not been the exception. The whole ultimate team concept was designed by EA to potentially charge a little extra cash here and there to gamers. On multiple occasions, we have talked about what it would cost to build an all-star line up on Ultimate Team just based off buying FIFA coins and packs with real money. FIFA Ultimate team though like anything and everything that is online based these days has had its fair share of people try to hack into it.

The idea is very simple finding ways to trick the system into generating amounts of FUT coins or packs you did not earn. Thousands upon thousands of players have tried to find ways to cheat the system. With just a quick google search you will find an overwhelming number of web pages and videos that promise to reveal to you the “magic trick” that will automatically give you more FUT coins. Well, let us be the first to burst your bubble if you still believe these sites might be real. Around 99.9% of the sites online that promise to generate FUT coins for you are absolutely fake! All of these sites are the same as the ones who promise you will be able to hack your ex’s Facebook or WhatsApp accounts. There is of course that .1% remaining, but we will save that story for later.


What Do FUT Coin Generators Promise?


Like many other free scams or hacks, it asks you to input your account details. We know your FIFA account is not as important as your credit card number or bank account. Since you may have, some of that data linked to your account do you think it’s a great idea to trust an app that asks you to do surveys and download other apps? By the way, we tried the method on the video and obviously, it did not work. At the end of the article, we will provide a PayPal email so you guys can pay for the damages to our system for trying this hack! Just kidding, but we did try and it did not work.

We found other methods that promised to give you free coins, but the coins actually involved you playing matches. More specifically the guy in the video suggested that you play the match click what would be the select button play as the keeper and let the A.I. take over. While you just sit chill and watch an ever entertaining FIFA game. While this “hack” could technically work and you could leave it playing for a couple of hours just making sure to be on hand to press a couple buttons at halftime and at the end of the match. We wouldn’t necessarily call this a hack. It basically takes away the whole point of the game. Which could be well … playing, we guess!


Whatever Happened To That .1%?


As the saying goes no safe is impenetrable. Such is the case for EA’s software for FIFA Ultimate Team. Through the years there have been minor cracks in the system that different hackers have exploited.

If you are one of the lucky ones that have exploited one of these weaknesses good for you! If so then you will know they usually did not last long. The guys at EA probably patched up the leak within a couple of days. That has always been the case, except for one time and one time only! The EA servers were able to be hacked in such a way that the hackers were actually able to generate free coins and other prizes. The only difference between this hack and others was that they were able to continue generating free stuff for over 2 years! This was between 2013 and 2015. After the hack was located the EA servers were in out of “maintenance” for months.



EA personnel was scrambling for months to find what was wrong with the system. According to this poor Josh fellow someone “hacked” his account and spent a whopping £30. EA scolded the lad claiming that no one could have hacked his account. Essentially telling him to go interrogate his kid brother maybe it was him.

We reached out to Josh, but have not heard back so far! If you are reading this and you haven’t gotten your £30 back 2015 was a wild time you very well could have been hacked! That said we are not sure suing EA over £30 is a great idea. Good luck though we’d love to see you triumph! Now let’s get to the real hackers!


F.B.I. Takes Four Alleged Hackers To Court


The American F.B.I. got on the case and started busting the hackers. The first guy they brought to trial was named Ricky Miller. Miller was accused of stealing then trafficking around 16 million U.S. dollars worth of FUT coins and other FIFA ultimate team assets! Miller in an effort to cut a deal and avoid prison time confessed to the whole thing and gave up his other 3 accomplices.

According to Miller himself, the team managed to reverse engineer the whole FIFA system using only a modified game console! The console allowed them to input thousands of “fake game” records into the system and collect the rewards within minutes. The team would then resell these coins at below market value.

In the end, Miller got off fairly easy he was fined 1.5 million dollars and received probation. Miller though was only the tip of the iceberg. The real brains of the operation was Anthony Clarke. Clarke, Miller and 2 others who we could not find information on ran this fraud through a company called RANE Developments LLP. Clarke was also found guilty in a Texas court and he was fined around 8 million dollars. So to the answer, the question can FIFA Ultimate Team be hacked, is yes! If you are thinking about trying though it may be a bit harder for you thanks to what these guys did!


Auto Bidders and Auto Buyers Don’t Necessarily Generate Coins 


There are plenty of tricks out there that avid FIFA Ultimate Team players use. If you are one of them, you probably know at least a few. One of the most common forms that people “hack” FIFA auctions are Auto Bidders and Auto Buyers. This just like its name suggests are run by apps you can attach to your FIFA accounts. They will automatically search the market and bid and sell for you. They make the whole process 1000% quicker and people on forums and Youtube brag about how they make you free coins. This isn’t technically the case they just use better sales tactics and have the ability to sell and buy quicker.

Auto buyers can scan the market for the cheapest options available and will snatch them up whenever possible. The advantage they have while bidding against a normal person is speed! If you ever bid on a player and you were certain you where the highest bidder only to have the page refresh and find out the item was sold to someone else. It’s not necessarily because you were robbed. At least not by the Ultimate Team software. You were most likely robbed by another player’s autobidder! That is why when you are just starting out as a novice user it seems impossible for you to find cheap players to build your team.

The rich and avid players keep getting richer off of ripping poor novice players off. EA doesn’t crack down that much on the use of auto bidders because they are actually pretty good for business if you really think about it. Making it tougher for start up players to gain more coins and buy players may cause them to dish out more cash to buy rare packs.If you want to look at this as a way you are cheating the system you can! Technically though like we said EA is not losing money off of these transactions. Add to that the fact that if you have neither coins nor players, to begin with, an auto bidder will do you absolutely no good!

There you have it, in essence, you can’t really hack into the FIFA Ultimate Team system to get free coins. Unless you happen to be a very seasoned hacker and want to use your talents to hack this system and make a minor profit then end up in prison. Other than that teens behind a camera on Youtube are not typically great sources of information!