The Funniest and Coolest FIFA Youtube Videos of All Time

Ever since the FIFA game came out in 94 it was an instant hit with friends all over the globe. Heck, the game has even ended some friendships! The games can get very, very tense! Nowadays with online play and obviously FIFA Ultimate Team the boys at EA have found new and creative ways to spread the fun! With that in mind, we thought it would be great to create a compilation of our favorite fun times during FIFA videos. Just a quick search on Youtube can bring you back to many fond memories of past games. Especially when game design was not so advanced and you got the most awkward glitches in gaming history. We dare say FIFA glitches are a meme gold mine. Especially since even non-FIFA lovers appreciate a good laugh at the expense of the beautiful game! With that in mind, we bring you a great set of laughs, rivalries, and glitches for the sole purpose of your enjoyment!


A Friendly Barcelona Match


If you are a Barcelona fan this one may hit you right in the feels! Any game that features the likes of Lionel Messi, Neymar, Dani Alves, and company will certainly be worth watching. When it features them taking on their Barcelona teammates playing as themselves, this is just a sight you don’t see every day. In this particular case, both teams played as Barcelona. It would have been epic if one side decided to pick Madrid! Then again if you are in a video game and you play against yourself it would be kind of weird! The main reason we picked this video though is so that all you Barcelona fans could see how happy Neymar once was. Now that he seems to be miserable at PSG he probably watches this video and cries himself to sleep at night! Of course, he does have plenty of money in the bank to wipe his tears away so don’t feel too bad.


Real Life Glitches


You’ve probably seen a number these scrolling through different social media pages. We know this probably isn’t the best real-life glitch video. We chose it though because it captures the main glitches in a quick fun way. Don’t lie though the first time you came across a glitch video in real life you clicked on it to see how they reenacted the “awkward” positions. You know the ones were two players’ bodies essentially unite. Thankfully though these guys kept the video relatively clean and kid friendly. Glitches have been a part of the FIFA from the beginning. We actually sincerely hope that they continue into the future. Even though game design technology has gotten so good Fortnite will soon be the world’s most populated country!


No Matter How Old School You Get The Fundamentals Are The Same

This video was shot way back in 2014 and the guys were playing a game from way back in 04. We decided to go a little old school here if you are a fan of FIFA Youtube videos chances are you’ve come across these guy’s channel. They have been doing it for a long time and are still going strong. Anyway, this is a great video because it’s like going back to the first time you play. Even if you are an avid player adjusting to a different gaming console or a different version can take some time. Your first matches will typically look like this brother on brother matchup. It’s not bad to go back to the basics every once in a while. Not everything in life is packs and Ultimate Team!


The Ever Frustrating Keeper Fails

The goalkeeper has the toughest position to play in real football. Yes, I have a biased opinion, but think about it. There is a reason why for most of the FIFA video game lifespan you had no control over the keeper. That being said it can get overly frustrating when you are in a heated battle in online play and your keeper does his best Karius impersonation. That is the kind of thing that breaks controllers T.V.s and anything that can break within your room. If we really think about it though these Keeper fails, speak to the realism in the game! In real life we see even the great ones make mistakes every now and then. The FIFA games should be no different … right? In any case, try to enjoy a good fail while listening to some very famous classical music you can’t go wrong there!


Real Madrid Enjoy A FIFA Friendly Back In The Day


We always want everyone to feel included on this site. With that in, mind we decided to end this post by giving Madrid fans a little taste of their team’s fun! From the looks of it, the score was a little one-sided towards the Spaniards’ and Varane side. Maybe because the other team did not how to communicate between 2 Brazilians, a Russian and Costa Rican. The match was just not fair from the beginning. Denis Cheryshev apparently had two big moments at Madrid. Getting them kicked out of the cup and losing at FIFA. Great accomplishments he probably now boasts on his CV. Jesse, on the other hand, celebrated the most important victory he has actually ever contributed to!

As you can see FIFA football games throughout the years have brought forth many laughs and have cost some guys a pretty penny in repairs. We hope that you have never had such a rant. If you have, our condolences to you for the loss of your T.V. or controller! We strongly encourage you to always maintain your cool. After all, it’s just a game. Then again as Jorge Valdano would say, “Football is the most important subject in the least important category.”That in our book is still pretty important!