The Epic Guide to Fifa Trading

The Importance of trading in FUT

As FIFA 21 dawns upon us, it marks 10 years of FIFA’s most popular and EA’s most profitable game mode – FIFA Ultimate Team .Ever since FUT 09 millions of players from all over the world have strived to be the best they can-rising through divisions and winning cups along their annual footballing journey.

We have come a long way from the days of FUT 09, and we have witnessed a plethora of changes and lots of advances in the graphics and the gameplay of FUT but some things remain constant, one of those things is the aspect of trading in Ultimate Team.

Ever since its inception the easiest way to get to a better division in FUT was to buy better players. Since you need coins to buy better players, the impetus of the game slowly became balanced between not only being able to play better than your opponent but also to be able to afford a better team than his.

To be able to earn coins in FIFA slowly became an art and those who perfected this art were the only ones who were able to afford the best players in the game. Gradually over the years certain methods evolved and those which were deemed effective enough stood the test of time and are still used today.

Players like Paul Pogba have certainly come a long way since they first burst onto the FUT scene.(not to mention the card designs too which have improved leaps and bounds over the years)

Today we attempt to create an epic guide full of methods that you could use to increase your FIFA coin balance and enjoy this game mode to the fullest.The methods included below have been handpicked and have been specially curated so that you won’t need any guide apart from this.We hope that you will find this guide useful and make good use of it.


59th Minute Method and Sniping

Since its inception, this method has been very popular. There are millions over millions of active FUT players every FIFA edition.Naturally as a result there are tons of items in circulation for sale at any given time.

The demand of those items in the market and the current supply eventually decide the average going price of an item.But sometimes as a person lists up their item for sale they might make a mistake in specifying the price of the item.This opens up the opportunity for for people to ‘buy it now’ the item at a good price and make a profit when reselling the item.This process of instantly buying an item is called ‘sniping’ and people who snipe for these items are called ‘snipers’.

Since the default time duration for which an item is listed on the market is 1 hour, many of these deals can be found at the last page or the 59 minute page, hence the name.

Not only because of mistakes, you can also get a profit as a result of someone else’s negligence.Not many people are aware but there are certain silver cards too which cost more than tens of thousands of coins.Many people, due to sheer ignorance can sometimes list up these cards for low prices which too creates a chance for you to make a good amount of coins for little effort.

Some Silvers like Cristiano are very expensive because of their stats,eg.
He is expensive because of 90+ Sprint Speed, Acceleration and Strength
Combo which was never seen in any FIFA before.

By adding specific filters you can probably narrow down your search and massively increase your profit,eg.If you include Special in your parameters you are likely to get higher profit because of the higher prices of the items

‘Snipes’ like these early in the game can set you up comfortably
for the rest of the year as you have more equity to play around with.

Only downside of this method is that you have to compete with thousands of players who all are using the 59th minute method due to its popularity.So if your connection is not perfect it becomes very hard to compete with people who are skilled at ‘sniping’.You’ll need a lot of practice and fast fingers to compete with seasoned snipers.

An easy workaround for this issue is to simply use a sniping bot, Premium Bots like FUTMillionaire come with an AutoBuyer which can be used to serve this exact trading method.Since the bots do not depend on any human intervention they are much faster and will nearly always beat a human who tries to ‘snipe’ manually.Using a bot also makes your life easier and lets you focus on the more fun parts of FIFA for instance actually playing the game instead of spending 2 hours refreshing the transfer market.


Additional Tips to ensure you make significant profit by sniping and 59th minute method-

  • Choose mid-tier cards- Make sure the cards which you are going to attempt to snipe have an adequate supply in the market.By this i mean, don’t try to Snipe a Prime Pele for 1 million less than the market value, simply because there aren’t enough in circulation. Search for players who are popular and are highly usable and relatively easier to pack.81-85 rated players are highly usable and easy to pack as well ensuring that there is an adequate supply and demand for them.
  • Don’t be a sheep – There are thousands of FIFA YouTubers who post clickbait videos that promise you over 100K profit in mere minutes.They usually don’t have any substance to them.Even if they did, because it has been popularized by the video it is highly unlikely that it be profitable any longer because there will now be many more people to compete with over the same few cards.The best sniping filters are kept close to the chest and are well guarded secrets.Discover your own filter and make the most out of it,

    There are pages over pages of such videos and while they may be effective, you should try to modify some of them and create your own effective filter.
  • Make sure you’re making enough – Any profit is good right?No, if you keep sniping players that go for 500 coins at 450, you’re making a meagre 25 coins per sale after EA’s tax.This does not represent the amount of effort you make adequately.Make sure you’re making 2000-4000 coins per sale.This can be done fairly easily by sniping cards of higher overall.
  • Do your homework – Choose a certain card or a certain type of card that you recognize and are familiar with.If you are going to try to snipe a LF from Montenegro who plays in the 3rd division of the German League and try to resell him for profit ,you’re wasting your time because there are very few people who will want such a card.Try to choose a single popular nation or even a league and focus on that.You should not set too restrictive parameters because otherwise you will not get any successful searches at all and you will end up wasting your time and energy.


Open Bid Method

There are two ways you can buy an item in Ultimate Team on the transfer Market.One is by using ‘buy it now’(BIN) so you can ‘bid’ on an item.BIN is more commonly used because you instantly get the card available at your disposal. Whereas when you bid on an item you have to wait until the timer of the item is up.Before the timer runs out, other players can also bid on that item and driver the price of the item up.In order to win the item, you must have the highest bid when the timer runs out.

While the first method we explained- ‘59th Minute Method’ involved ‘BINing’ an item and then reselling it for a profit, his method incorporates the use of the underused Bid function.

Sometimes, players list up cards at a lower rate than the current market value, this could be because of various reasons.Maybe the player is ignorant to what some cards are worth and just lists them up with minimum bid price on it or maybe a seasoned player accidently lists up an item because of button lag.Regardless of why people list cards at a lower bid price we should only be interested in how we can make profit from their lapse in judgement.

Just like the first method, you will have to face a lot of competition in this method too.This method simply involves bidding on items whose timer is about to run out . Many people intentionally don’t bid on a card when there is a lot of time left because it is very likely that they get outbid. So people wait for the last few seconds to bid on cards.In this method too , it is important to know how to properly use filters to your advantage.If you jump right into the transfer market without any filters it will be an impossible task to find a good deal solely because of the sheer volume of cards up to trade.You will not be able to keep a track of their current prices.It is better to choose a niche and learn it through and through.You can even choose a specific league , nation or even a league-nation GKs who play in the PL.You should know all the prices of the cards you’re going to bid on through and through.

There are certain tricks that you could use to your advantage-

  • If you are bidding on a card that has no bids yet, it is better to wait until 30 seconds are left on the timer.This is because if you bid on an item when it ha less than 30 seconds left, it will reset the timer to 30 seconds.This might cause an increase in attention towards the cards and increase your competition and drive up the price.
  • If you are competing with someone else over the same card try to bid when there are as few seconds left on the timer as possible.This frustrates your opposite number and will hopefully tire him out.

This method is highly viable because since you have recognized your targets and established what price you want to get the at it becomes profitable very quickly. However again you will have to compete with Bots because they too hunt for low bids like these.Like the aforementioned FUTMillionaire Bot, very few Bots come with both AutoBuyers and AutoBidders. While AUtoBuyer helps in 59th minute method and sniping,AutoBuyer can be used to win open bids efffectively.It makes your life infinitely easier because it is completely automated and you don’t have to go through the cumbersome process of filtering,bidding and also competing with others.


  • Once you identify an item you want to trade with, it becomes very easy to apply. Even the most novice of traders can gasp this method and use it effectively to make lots of profit, if enough time is being put in.


  • While it easy to say that you must first identify the card you want to trade with, it is actually very tricky to get the right balance between popularity , supply and demand of the player.If the card you choose does not sell quickly enough after you have listed it up for sale, you are tying p your coins and slowing down your profits.
  • Time is always an important factor be considered, unless you are ready to invest a lot of time into the game it is unlikely that you will see a lot of profit.It is not easy to go through the first few pages and hunt for good deals so it is very time consuming and will get very tiring.
  • This method is one of the most basic methods of trading ever since FUT was launched.As a result there are a lot of people who use this method and swear by it.Naturally there will be a lot of people who you will be competing with.This drives up the price of the cards and significantly lowers your profit.


Luckily for us, all of these disadvantages can be eliminated by simply employing the services of a premium FUT Trading Bot like FUTMillionaire.

FUTMillionaire comes with a detailed guide that lets you easily understand the market and choose certain players that will be profitable to trade with.This completely negates the first disadvantage that we listed.

As for the second disadvantage, FUT Millionaire is completely automated once you have it setup, there is no need to monitor it at all and you can be free to do other important work in the meantime while it quietly (and efficiently) runs in the background.

Last but not the least, it helps in reducing the competition.Because you are using abot you will not have to constantly re-check the prices when competing with someone over a bid.The bot will do so on its own and eventually tire out other people who will be bidding on the cards.

Therefore if you use a bot to automate your trading by making use of this method you can gain serious coinage with little to no effort.


‘Tech Avion’ Method

Not unlike most trading methods, the ‘Tech Avion’ trading method used to be a closely guarded secret. It is believed that the small French Trading community came up with this method and hence it has it’s name in french.The ‘Tech Avion’ is a very simple to understand albeit very cumbersome to implement trading method, but it can lead to immense profits if used correctly.The main point of this method is to buy a player card and then make it much more appealing to the masses that browse the market.You can find out the main details of this method below in this guide

What can you do so a card becomes more appealing to someone?Add contracts to it?Make sure its on full fitness? It should have an appropriate Chemistry Style?The ‘Tech Avion’ method is basically this.

In this method, you have to buy a card, that is popularly used by the majority of the majority of the player base.Eg.The likes of Bailly, Bakayoko, Martial, Jesus i the beginning of the game’s cycle.

Once you have bought the card, you simply enhance the appeal of the cards.This can be done by making sure the cards have 99 Contracts and 99 Fitness.Making sure that the cards have an appropriate chemstyle will also help in increasing its appeal.

Chemistry Styles like Anchor, Hawk and Engine are very cheap but highly in demand. Applying one of these appropriately to Defenders,Attackers and Midfielders respectively can make the cards much more appealing.

You can also use attribute trainers that boost the attributes for a single match.These coupled with some trainers staff in your club can boost certain players face stats to over 90+ and make it much more appealing to lazy buyers.

Example, if you have set up a target profit of 2000 that you want per card,buy a player worth 6k-8k. We will spend not more than 400-600 coins on contracts and fitness and players chemistry style each.Assume that we spend 1500 on boosting the cards contracts to 99, fitness to 99 and apply a suitable chemstyle.Now simply add up the initial cost of the cards(8k) and the cost to boost the card(1.5k) and the profit you want to make (2k).Multiply this by 1.05 to make sure you take into consideration EA’s Tax.You can comfortably sell cards like these for 11-12k.And make a good profit.


  • The profit per card is very high and this method is tried and tested.You can potentially earn tens of thousands of coins everyday by only following this method.The higher the initial cost of the cards, the more your profit margin.But it is recommended to stay away from special cards because they are more prone to price fluctuations.
  • Not a very commonly used method, so there is less competition when you are using this particular method.
  • Viable with all sorts of budgets. Irrespective of how many coins you have in the bank it can be used to make profit by simply increasing or decreasing the price range in which you operate.Eg.If you use this method and increase your coinage from 100k to 300k+ you can move on to higher rated players and increase your profit margins.


  • One of the biggest disadvantages of this method is that it cannot be automated with a TradingBot, you have to manually buy the players and apply contracts on them and apply fitness to them and list them up.
  • This method is very long and very tiring, it can get really boring really quickly.
    It also requires a significant amount of knowledge of the market, that does not make it very viable for newcomers.

Below we have included a table for appropriate buying and selling prices that anyone can use even if their budget is relatively low.All credit for the table and its contents go to FUT Trader @BadGones269.The prices listed below can be implemented if you have small capital, of around 10-50k.

Buy Price

Sale Price


Buy Price

Sale Price













































































































































Price Fixing

Price Fixing is one of the most frowned upon trading methods in all of Ultimate Team.This is because it exploits other users and only makes a lot of profit for the user that has price fixed acard.

Price Fixing is not like ‘Tech Avion’ and has a simple self descriptive name.True to its name Price Fixing simply involves fixing a certain items price artificially.What it means is that, certain FUT players buy out many of the cards of a certain item.Tis creates an artificial lack of supply in the market.As the supply decreases the cost of the items available naturally increase.

Some people consider this cheating but it is one of the most advanced trading method available in Ultimate Team.However you will need a big budget for this and also great knowledge of the market.This certainly is not a method for beginners and not something you can learn by reading, you must try it out for yourself and learn from your mistakes.

When applying this method it is key to choose a certain card that has limited supply, because packs are opened every day it is very difficult to pricefix cards that are common because they effectively have an infinite supply.Don’t try to pricefix common gold cards because their supply is replenished every week by Marquee Matchups packs,and WL packs.

You should instead try to pricefix cards like TOTW cards because they were in packs only for a limited period of time and that greatly reduces the supply of those cards.Other popular pricefixing options are high rated rae silver cards.Silver Player Packs are rarely opened and thus there is a low supply of these cards.Bonus Points if these cards are required in future league SBCs, because that immediately increases the demand and because you are controlling the supply you can easily control the entire market value of the cards.This happened very often in FIFA 18 and many people had to overpay for silver players.

Silver players like these would have cost not more than 400-500 coins before an SBC was released which required them.As you can see,once the SBC was released it’s price skyrockets.Imagine if you had bought 10-20 of these cards for as low as 10K. You would have made a crazy 1.6 million coins from an initial investment of just 10K.

You do not need to buy all of the cards on the market.You only have to buy those which you feel are cheap.The overly expensive ones will not sell anyway so you’ll be making a loss if you buy them.

Another problem you might encounter is actually storing the cards.This can be overcome by pricefixing in partnership with a couple of friends.You should also make use of the transfer market upgrades that you can redeem from the the EASFC Catalogue..This will increase the size of your transfer list and make it more convenient to store a large number of cards. You could also make multiple accounts and pricefix using all of them but this may become an inconvenience.

You also should not list up all of your cards at the same time.Once you have pricefixed a card, when you are selling the cards you should sell them in small batches so that the illusion of low supply is maintained.If many people notice that a lot of cards are available it increases the supply and reduces the interest in the card because one of the things that increase it’s price is its exclusivity and rarity.        

Also, once a card which is being pricefixed is caught the player base tends to look for other options and other solutions incase it’s a card that needed in an SBC.


One to Watch(OTW) Trading

In FIFA 17 , special cards were released that represented the ‘biggest transfer deals’ that happened during the transfer windows.These items are not like normal special cards.When they were released in packs they had the same rating as the base card. Then you might ask why were they special in case they had the exact same stats?They were expensive because as the season progressed any stats changes that the player had in the form of TOTW,TOTGS or MOTM, the same upgrades would be reflected in the OTW card.By owning the OTW card you could own the highest rated of the player available at the time, except for TOTS and TOTY.

In FIFA 17 ,which was the first year in which these OTW cards were introduced there were a total of 46 OTW cards, including big names like Gonzalo Higuain and Paul Pogba.


FIFA 18 also saw the same exact number of OTW cards,including cards that paid off big time like Salah and Mbappe and Alexis Sanchez.So it is safe to assume that FIFA 21 will follow the same trend and we will get to see 46 OTW cards.

Out of all the 46 cards to be released in FIFA 21 ,3 have already been released in the form of Cristiano Ronaldo, Thomas Lemar and Leon Goretzka who moved to big clubs like Juventus, Atletico Madrid and Bayern Munich respectively.

        Now that you know what OTW cards are and how they work let us move on to the main part of this guide-how you can make profit off of these cards.Because these cards stand a chance to get upgraded every week in the weekly TOTW, there is great hyp whenever one of these players play a match.Before the match begins there is a lot of hype in these cards and the demand for these cards skyrocket if the opposing team is not of a very good calibre and the player is likely to rack up a few goals and assists.As a result of this rise in demand, naturally the prices of these cards rises.

        The graphs above show Mohamed Salah’s price changes over the season last year.It clearly illustrates how profitable this method can be.Over 10 days his price more than doubled from just above 300k to 650k+.People that bought him after a bad match at 324k and sold him immediately after his good match made killer profit and they didn’t even put in much effort.All they had to do was store the cards for 10 days or so.

        People tend to overpay for these cards in the hope that they can later flip them for a profit in case that they get featured in the TOTW. But in most of the cases the player does not get featured in the TOTW because it is highly unlikely that a player consistently puts in TOTW levels of performance.As a result there is a great influx of these cards in the market as lots of people offload their failed investments.Because of the increase in the supply the price of these cards tumbles as people undercut each other.’One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ certainly rings true in this scenario, simply because all we have to do is buy these cards when people are offloading them after a bad match and sell them off later when the player is about to play another match.This method can be very profitable if used correctly but needs an initial budget because OTW cards are not necessarily cheap and the higher the likelihood of them appearing in a TOTW higher is the price that they go for.As a result, attackers are far more expensive than midfielder, defender or GK OTW cards.


If you get it right, OTW cards can be very profitable as you can see with Mohamed Salah above. Over the season Salah got 4 Inform Cards, 1 Hero card,3 POTM cards and 1 Record Breaker card that contributed to his rise from modest 83 rating to astounding 93 rating.


  • Fairly consistent way of making profit.If you simply follow a set routine and invest smartly you can easily profit a lot in mere weeks.
  • Not much hard work or market knowledge needed, you simply need to understand basic supply and demand and take advantage of it. Apart from storing you don’t need to do much with these cards.You can also use them in your team during periods when there are no matches.
  • Can be easily automated by using a trading bot.By using elite trader bots like FUTMillionaire you can program it to buy players that you want after they play a match and then sell them before they play thereby further reducing your effort and time put into it.



  • Depends more on real life events than ingame events. Ingame events can be predicted based on previous editions of FIFA but it is very difficult to predict how a player is going to perform, especially if they have just moved to a new club as is the case with these OTW cards.
  • In case that you buy a card after a bad game and the player picks up an injury during that time, you are very likely to make a loss because now that the player is injured he can’t get into the TOTW and is basically rendered useless and as his demand goes down so will his price.


Maintenance Method

This is one of the least used methods used in FUT simply because you are not very likely to simply stumble upon this and take advantage of it. FUT Transfer Market is handled by a plethora of servers and every time that the FUT Servers need maintenance, the FUT Transfer Market is shut down.This gives rise to a lot of opportunities where you can make lots of coins bt simply placing your bets right

If an auction expires during maintenance period, the auction will be completed, and whoever had the highest bid at the time of shutting down of the market will win the bid.It is recommended that for any high value items, the players should utilize the minimum bid option so that they can set the minimum amount they would be willing to accept for the item.

But most people are not aware of when maintenance occurs and can be guilty of listing up their items for sale without considering the market outage.It is not likely that you magically win a Messi for 30k or an Icon for 135k so it is best to stay away from such high profile cards, and focus on those that have high supply in the market.


  • Choose cards that have higher supply on the market.That means cards like icons 90+ rated cards are off limits.
  • Choose cards that you can make more than 1000-2000 coin profit because that is easily attainable with little effort.There is no point in using such a golden opportunity to make 200-300 profit per card.
  • Create your own niche.Everytime during Maintenance period there will be hundreds of traders all trying to win cheap popular cards like Martial and Jesus, it reduces everyone’s profit margin drastically as it drives up their prices, so it is advised that you choose your own niche players whose selling price you know and are familiar with.


  • There is a large scope for profit as you are very likely to nab a good deal during such maintenance and there is also very little effort to be put in,
  • Very high amount of profit compared to the actual time put into practicing this method.


  • It is not announced when maintenances are scheduled so you will have to be on your toes when it happens and have a liquid amount of coins ready that can be invested.
  • Maintenance takes place very rarely so this cannot be practiced on a daily basis.

We hope that this guide helped you in your study of the market and we sincerely hope that you make a lot of coins by simply using these methods listed above.Cheers, and good luck!