Luckiest FIFA Pack Openings Ever

For those of you who are avid FIFA Ultimate Team Players (We imagine most of you are!), and the ones who love dishing out money on the Panini FIFA World Cup album every 4 years this feeling will be all too familiar! Opening one of the packs and finding some of the game’s hidden gems! Whether it be a 99 overall rating Ronaldo or an old-school Ronaldo Nazario de Lima card. To finding two, three or more world-class players to update your squad in one single pack. One good pack opening can turn your team’s fate around just like that! That is why we are sometimes so overwhelmed with joy when this happens. Not everyone can understand that feeling. Today we felt like spreading some joy and maybe even some envy around. So we went on a mission to find the best pack openings that were recorded on video. The pack openings we found are from a variety of different years in FIFA Ultimate Team Play. There is no particular order to the list. Just a bunch of guys nuts over how lucky they got! Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Pele Popping Out of Nowhere

Here we got a kid from Argentina just creating his team in the 2016 version of Ultimate Team. So everything is going quite normal he is actually getting some pretty rubbish players in the packs. All of a sudden he opens up a legends pack and on the first try he, picks up Pele! The kid goes absolutely bananas over the pick-up! Back in those days that pack he opened only loaned certain players to your team for a couple of games. Even so, he couldn’t hide his excitement. It wasn’t like Pele probably got too much help from Roberto Soldado and the rest of his squad. Stil, we don’t want to steal this kid’s moment of happiness! Would you be jumping up and down if you got Pele in a pack? Even if it was only for a little while?


Harassing The Dog

Apparently, teens in Argentina all want to be Youtubers and all play Ultimate Team. In this particular case, this kid actually gets one of the best packs you can think of in the 2016 version. A Toty version of Lionel Messi in a pack for an Argentinian, literally what are the odds of that? The rest of the story gets really weird, though. This teen, proceeds to scream and jump up and down. Then he takes off his pants swings them around and humps his cat! Taking off your shorts and humping your cat should not be acceptable celebrations! This kid should be banned from Youtube and Ultimate Team just based on that reaction! Poor people on the street had no idea how to react to him harassing them.



A Strike Of Friendly Luck

We really switched gears for this one. A couple of lads playing somewhere in England together. There is a little bit of a backstory here. They apparently switched spots to see if they would bring each other luck! One of the friends strikes gold with a rare Cristiano Ronaldo. The Everton fan even does the typical Ronaldo celebration and the Siuuu chant! The guy was so excited for Ronaldo when it wasn’t even his! Then the real Ronaldo owner shows up on camera and tells the Everton fan, “I got you, Idrissa Gueye.”. Honestly, this is one of the cruelest videos out there. The guy is super excited when he got, Idrissa who? That really goes to show true sportsmanship. You have to be a special type of person to get excited about your friend getting Ronaldo. Especially when all you got was Idrissa Gueye!



Familiar Squeaky Voice

This next kid we were kind of reluctant to put him on here. Just based on the fact that his voice is annoying to some people. This video is way back from FIFA 14. He actually takes you all the way through the opening of various packs until he gets a Cristiano Ronaldo. This guy has actually become a main staple as FIFA Youtuber so we kind of had to put him on! His no no no rants every time he opens something up have become a staple in the biz. So we may even give him a pass. He does get pretty decent packs when you actually think about. A lot of the packs he ends up discarding could very much help build up any team!


Champagne Celebration


Quick question have you ever dyed your hair blue in the hopes of getting a blue player in Ultimate Team? If you haven’t congratulations, you are part of the 99% of normal people who quietly go about playing Ultimate Team every day. For this guy though, it was a great a day to get a can and spray paint his hair. Sadly he bought a purple dye, not a blue one! He still managed to pick up a pretty decent Dele Alli and other players. It looks like he may have had a little too much of that champagne before even making the video. Whatever he is making, out of acting a fool on Youtube he spent on packs and the Champagne anyway. Not a great business model. Still a pretty decent score overall!


What’s Next In 2019


This video is just a bit of a sneak peek at what we can expect out of the new FIFA 2019. This is the original version, but there are already a whole bunch of other videos online specifically commenting on this one. So if you haven’t seen it, you should be getting around to doing so! There have been mixed reviews when it comes to the new reveal animations. Some people love them, others would have preferred EA go in a different direction. You can’t always keep everyone happy, the animations do look great! That being said they don’t look that different from what we were treated to in previous versions. That has been a constant knock on EA, especially in the FIFA series. This video has not been exempt from that criticism! That being said we’d love to know what you thought about the new animations. From what we can see in the video, Real Madrid legend Raul Gonzalez Blanco will be among the legends available. Do you like his inclusion on the roster, or would you like to see other legends added?

We went on a journey from a kid humping his dog to arguably the most annoying Ultimate Team player on Youtube to what’s in store for the 2019 version! A pretty decent stroll through a couple of years of Ultimate Team play! If you’re curious about how exactly it is that these guys manage to rack up so many points buy a truckload of packs keep reading some of our other articles on the site! We just hope that once you get all of the best tips and tricks you don’t harass your dog or dye your hair purple! You don’t have to get to fancy stick to more normal means of celebrating. Unless you want to find yourself in the next version of our Ultimate Team Package opening videos!