January TOTY Price Crash Approaching

The January Price Crash is approaching us which is already leading to a big price drop in most players markets.

What I want you to do is two things:

1 – If you’re holding any valuable players (20k+ or 30k+) you should consider them selling them now and buying them back during the Market crash so you lose less coins with the price drop.

2- Read the write up below if you haven’t, and get ready to make big coins with it:

3 – If you want to predict who comes out in the TOTY, you can also make coins buying the Normal version of the TOTY players a few days before the release (which will happen in the beginning of January), as  their price really goes up when the TOTY cards are out.



If you weren’t here for the January crash last year, here is what happens during a market crash:

– During the weeks that lead to it the prices drop a lot anticipating the crash.

– When the TOTY is released, people rush to packs which causes all gold players to be dropped in the market at minimal prices for quick sales from people that don’t care about trading and just want to make some quick coins
selling the cards instead of discarding them.

– Around 1 week after the packs with the special players stop coming out, the market normalizes and the players price goes back up.

So to give you an example of how it went in January, a player that was worth 10.000 in December, probably dropped to 7k or 8k during the crash, and could sometimes be picked up at ridiculous prices like 4 or 5k that week,
and a week after the market normalized, the price of the same player would go back up to 12 or 13k.

I remember writing to you about managing to get 100s of Reus, Gotze and Hummels cards that week for 3k, 1k and 3k respectively, which were sold when the market went back up for over 100% profit.

While every other chickenshit trader was out of the market, the ones who followed our instructions made an absolute killing.




These weeks (until after the TOTY Release) are an opportunity to stock up on really cheap consumables as people will be buying loads of packs.

After the January TOTY release, consumable prices will start increasing again and this will be a great opportunity to make a bucket load of coins with your previously bought cards.

I know some people last year who invested 1 Million on contracts/fitness and doubled the million when their prices went up.

So get a few accounts ready, load up your Autobuyer during the night and let it work for you.

Once you’re ready to sell the consumables, I would suggest that you wait for the weekend afternoon (UK time), as that’s usually when everyone is Online, and wait for the prices of the consumables to go up a bit during the day and when they do, LIST YOUR CARDS FOR 1 HOUR and keep listing if they are selling!



There’s a massive opportunity for getting cheap gold players and make an absolute killing during the next Market crash if you are smart about it.

Obviously, during the crash, the people will be buying Gold packs, therefore we will be focusing on Gold players alone because that’s what the market will be flooded of.

Another thing is because there will be so many players in the market, I don’t want you to focus on taking small profits, because you’ll probably be wasting bigger profit chances.

While is usually great if you take a 1000 profit on a 4000 player, when the market is crashing and the panic is generalized, you probably will be able to get that player for 1000 or 1500.

This is simple to understand: the thing is that NO ONE knows what the player will be worth in a day, much less in a week, so traders are unsure if that’s a good deal or not.

But if you want to make coins, you need to take calculated risks. So during the crash, I would not be affraid to set a 2000 range on a player generally sold for 4000 and I’m sure I should still be able to pick up a few of them at that price range.

However I would not place these players right back into the market, I would probably hold on them and wait for the special players to stop coming out in packs/until the TOTY is over.

So in short: stock up, hold them until the right time comes and sell them.