[TUTORIAL] Trade with FUTMillionaire 24 Hours a Day on a FREE Amazon Cloud Desktop – No More Leaving Your Computer ON for Trading

This quick tutorial tells you about how you can create a totally Free Amazon Remote Desktop with Windows to run the FUTMillionaire program 24 hours per day.
This will allow you to have this free remote desktop completely dedicated to your trading, and never ever have to worry about leaving your personal computer on all day to trade.
This should take you no longer than 5-10 mins to set up, and will save you a lot of electrical power and headaches, and allow you to trade much more.
So the steps are quite simple:
1 – Follow this Youtube tutorial below to create and launch the Amazon AWS instance (make sure you select Windows server and don’t touch any of the other settings).

2 – Download the Amazon Remote Desktop connection file and put it on your desktop, and connect to it. (this is also shown in the tutorial above).

3 – On the remote computer, open a web browser and go to https://www.Java.com and install Java on the Remote Desktop. I had some problems on the remote computer downloading Java with Internet Explorer, so if you have them also, just download Chrome or Firefox and use those instead to download Java.

4 – Reboot your Remote desktop (on the bottom left windows button). The remote desktop window will close, so reconnect to it 2-3 mins later.

5 – Download and Install the FUTMillionaire App from https://FUTMillionaire.com/download

That’s all! No need to leave your Computer on for trading for now on!

Now the program will run on this remote computer 24 hours per day and the only thing you have to do is to check in periodically to see how the trading is going.