Best Trading Strategies to Get FIFA Coins

Consumable Trading

Consumables are one of the least exciting parts of Ultimate team. Nevertheless, just as important and an integral factor. Irrespective of whether you are dealing with fitness, contracts, position changes or managers, there is always a huge profit to be made.

What are the Basics Of The Market?

Similar to players, there will never be a fixed set price for consumables. Depending on the day, a squad fitness can cost 800 coins on a certain day or 2,000 the next. There is no generic rule to say how much value a set item may have.

There is no easy answer to why there is or what causes such a wide fluctuation of prices of items. We have a list of factors that influence the market at different times.Every factor affects the market in its own way.

You do not need to be an expert to makes lots of profit from consumable trading. However, if one has a good and sound understanding of the market, they can maximize their profits.


Pricing Your Consumables.

Selling a card in bid and one that BINs are two different things.It is much better if a card BINs.

For example; if you wanted to sell a squad fitness right now, you could undercut by 200 coins and a bot would pick it up easily. Or instead you could simply be a little patient and listed it for the current market value,As the timer runs low it would easily have been bought for whatever price you sell at.

There Is No Limit.

Player cards can be difficult to trade with sometimes. It’s a fine exercise in careful control of spreading your transfer list and targets space equally over all the potential you can discover.

Imagine a scenario where there were no restrictions. You can store as many consumable cards as you want and completely control the market if you’d like.This is used by some and downright abused by some others.


Hop onto the market and locate the least expensive accessible squad fitness card.

We’ll spare you the time. You cannot. (well, regardless of whether you discover it you most definitely won’t beat the bots to get it). There’s a basic explanation behind this.

The way the search mechanics and filters are set up just won’t allow it. You can select your consumable, you can set your price ranges, you can even choose the rarity, yet the filters just aren’t specific enough to make this a simple find. However, they can be!

When players search for a consumable, they usually adjust either the BIN price OR the min/max price. While this is useful when searching for players, it is nothing but nightmares with regard to consumables.

On the off chance that you decided that you needed to purchase Casemiro, you can just type his name into the search window and bam! A load of results pop up. How about we imagine that to find Casemiro, you needed to just enter Real Madrid as the club and search. Of course we will find him, however we will also find every other available United player. This is the issue when we search for consumables. You need a specific manager? Sorry, you’ve gotta see them all. A stadium? You will have to sift through everything! Squad fitness? Alas, you have to crawl through all nin rare individual cards as well.

Now let’s make searching for Casemiro a tad bit easier. Firstly, we shall eliminate any other Real Madrid player that is cheaper than his minimum BIN price (you can do this by setting the minimum BIN to Casemiro’s). Now, let’s set the maximum BIN price to his max (you do not want to go any lower than this as you would eliminate cards with a high BIN but low bidding price). Lastly, let’s set the maximum price to what you can afford or are willing to pay (this eliminates things outside your budget). Boom! The most efficient list of available Casemiro’s you can create!

This is the best way to efficiently get results


Sniping / Mass Bidding.

We should start with the easiest methods that can e used by anyone regardless of how experienced they are at FIFA and FUT.

Like always, filters are key. It is usually the max BIN that matters if you are sniping. (All the best trying to snipe something like squad fitness). It all comes into play when you are mass bidding.

Winning anywhere from 3-6% of your bid is an incredible deal. Remember never to get greedy. Always enter with realistic expectations and you won’t end up being disappointed.

Market crashes.

We are not going into too much depth about market crashes. But the main cause is a large increase in the volume of cards entering the market which in turn drive the prices down since they are available in abundance. Though this is often related with the player prices, the effect it has on consumables is also noteworthy.

Unlike players, the prices of consumables don’t depreciate over time.

There are no ‘inform fitness cards’ that restore more than 100%  fitness and make the original cards redundant. This ensures that the demand is consistent.

This means is that after a price crash, the activity of the market slows down (in terms of packs opened). Therefore prices will once again start to even themselves out.

See the potential investments here, y’all?


Events can also alter the market’s mood

Every FIFA version sees a variety of different stats, different formations and different play styles control the meta. In FIFA 18, the use of 4-1-2-1-2(2) became the norm.

Because certain formations are used by many people, some position cards will be in demand all through the year.  Something similar is likely to happen in FIFA 19 where certain formations and stats become meta and overused. This too could affect the prices of certain chemistry styles and position cards.The prices of such cards will usually remain constant throughout the lifetime of the game.

Every month special SBC cards are released for the Premier League Player of the Month.  In FIFA 17, Heung Min Son won POTM and was one of the most overpowered cards in the game.He was also fairly easy to acquire for most people and as he was a PL player he was also in demand.His position was LM but he was clearly better at more attacking positions owing to his stats. As a result there were a lot of people that wanted to change his position.

All of a sudden thousands of FIFA players want to buy these position change cards to convert him to a LW and LF. So naturally the price of those positions cards increased.


Hidden Gems.

Even late into the cycle, we see some managers and other miscellaneous items selling above discard value. It’s because demand is always present. People usually tend to ignore these cards, quickly selling them or simply listing it without considering pricing them. This is an area of huge potential. Winning bids on some popular kits like those of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United or Liverpool in the first few weeks for minimum can provide 1,000’s per card. Remember, when you find the initial item you want, you can simply compare price to find a complete list of what is available.

Play around with your filters. Find what works best for you and experiment with it to find your personal formula for a massively rewarding trading system.


Short Term Special Card Investments

Lets go straight to it and start with basics. When a special card is introduced to the market, it remains available for a particular period of time. That is usually a week, but it may vary. In this period, this special card replaces all previous versions of the card and is the only one available in all the packs.

This makes this card superior and rarer to all the basic versions. Hence, they sell at a premium price. The factors affecting the price fluctuations of these cards during this period is very interesting. As it is different for each card, we shall save that for another post. In this post, we will see how they affect the market on a short term basis and how coins can be made.

Why A Special Card Is Created.

In FIFA, a player on the game receives a regular bronze, silver or gold card (depending on rating). The player receives an upgrade based on his on-field performance in the real world. The best players in the world in a specific week are featured in the TOTW cards. Similarly, MOTM cards are awarded to the man of the match of an international or cup game and TOTS cards are given to the best players who have been consistent throughout the season.


Initial Influx Of Cards On The Market.

“Supply is directly related to demand”.

This fact should always be kept in mind before you consider each and every single investment that you hope to make. Demand is almost never affected by the volume of cards available. A person either wants a card or doesn’t.

Here, the variant is the supply. It largely affects the market. When demand is higher than supply, prices are through the roof. But when the supply matches the demand, the prices are reasonable.

If there is a surplus of supply, the prices drop.

During a normal week, prices would slowly drop over the week as more cards enter the market. They then start to rise  when they once again leave packs. Since the introduction of the weekend league, prices act somewhat like a ping pong ball.

The new TOTW is released on a Wednesday, and unless some big event is going on or people have packs saved, the release of cards into the market remains controlled.

While we say ‘controlled’, this usually lasts only a few hours. And as this is too short an amount of time, the number of cards that enter the market are not enough to balance out the card values. This makes the cards overpriced for the time being.

The FUT champions rewards are next. Here, a billion packs are suddenly uploaded onto people’s accounts. These include many TOTW only packs.

This provides a sudden influx of cards into the market causing prices to fall as supply outweighs the demand.

The remainder of the week is somewhat slow. People who are not around during the release open their packs. Some buy FIFA points and others may get them from SBC or drafts. But mostly, majority cards packed are available in the FIFA multiverse waiting to be bid on and bought.


Investing When Supply Outweighs Demand.

During this time of sudden influx of cards into the market after thousands of packs are opened, a huge number of these special cards are seen. As we explained before, when supply is in excess in relation to the demand, the prices are considerably reduced. This is when the market is ideal for buyers.

Because of the price drop, the sellers start getting anxious and invariably start undercutting each other’s price too. This further drops the price.

Providing there is sufficient demand for the said card, this price drop will be temporary and will recover sooner if there is an upcoming weekend league.

Your first aim should be to try to estimate the true value of this card and to be able to tell when the card price falls drastically and dramatically. Then you need to know when the price has reached its absolute lowest and will fall no further. This can be easily done by watching the market closely over a short time and snatching up the card in question as soon as you feel the price is beginning to plateau or begins to rise.

Finally, all you need to do is to sell the card when you feel the price has recovered well enough. Again, a close study of the market over a short time can aid you in this. For rarer cards, we suggest a long period investment. In this guide we are talking about short term gains targeting the cheaper cards that are huge on volume. It is highly unlikely that their prices rise too much over time.


Investing When Demand Outweighs Supply.

As ridiculous as it sounds to start investing when the prices are already high, this is a viable option.

99% of traders will advise against this as it requires an in depth knowledge of the market, trends and also account for times where is may go wrong along with a back up plan. Only attempt this method if you are 99.9% confident on your decisions.


Investing From The Real World.

Finally we reach the big one, the real money maker, the method that can bring in the largest amount of coins during the initial few weeks of a new game! The one you’ve been waiting for…

There’s only one pitfall of this method, that too one which will not drastically affect your profits-this method becomes less and less effective as every week passes, simply due to this increase of cards available on the market.

As mentioned before, 90% of the times special cards are released because of an amazing real life performance by that player.For instance if a GK saves a 90+3 minute penalty to keep his teams relegation battle going or if a high profile defender scores a worldie from outside the D, they pretty much guarantee themselves a TOTW or even a Hero Card if they’re lucky.

For midfielders and strikers it is usually harder to predict if they will be featured in the TOTW. There have been cases when just  a goal has been enough for Pogba to feature in the TOTW, whereas more complete performances by other, less popular players have gone unnoticed. 2+ goals from a striker usually makes the lineup. We can’t ever predict this lineup and even if we could, how can use this information to make profit? To know more continue reading below-

It is not possible for two versions of the same player to be in packs at the same time.This stands true for all sorts of cards like upgraded cards from Rating Refresh or maybe even transferred cards.This is the same case when a card is featured in TOTW. Only the IF cards are available in packs. Now there is no chance that every FIFA player who wants an special card will be able to afford it, hence the next best option is usually the base card.

When Cancelo’s IF is in packs his NIF cards will steadily rise in price

Now on a normal week this would be no problem, as more cards enter the market, prices start to drop, rinse and repeat. Early on in the cycle however, the sudden halt to base cards of those players entering the market create the reverse effect.

As more people begin obtaining coins and seeking these cards, demand rises. Due to this new special card though, we are no longer seeing the base card enter the market and hence demand is rising while supply is dropping, forcing the price to rise.

Another point that must be considered that because a player features in the TOTW it is implied he has had an amazing performance in the past week. Brilliant performances by top players in popular teams will almost always put them in the global spotlight.This will lead to more and more people wanting to own that player’s cards for themselves and increase the cards price.

Example, last year when Scott McTominay started a couple of Premier League games ahead of midfield maverick Paul Pogba it made waves in the footballing world and owing to Manchester United’s international popularity Scott’s 63 rated card became very expensive and people were ready to pay 3-4k for a bronze player.

This method depends entirely on keeping tabs on real life football. If you react too late, you are buying someone else’s investment, if you buy too early, you’ve created a risk that didn’t need to be created. Let’s take another example:

Let’s assume that the next team Manchester United face are newly promoted Cardiff City.United are favourites by quite a margin and it is expected that Cardiff will be slaughtered.Owing to this, the prices of the attacker cards will rise a couple hours before the match. Romelu Lukaku who would otherwise go for 16,000 coins is now selling for close to 19,000. This is because of the previously mentioned hype. People are buying Lukaku with the hope that he has a big game, scores a perfect hattrick and bags himself an inform card. This is a huge risk, if it pays off your laughing all the way to the bank, but the amount of times it will fail and lose you money massively outweighs the probable success.

It’s been 30 minutes and he hasn’t even touched the ball.The early investors are keen to offload their investments and sell off their cards for a loss.In the 40th minute he picks up a knock and huddles towards the sideline, now even those investors who held on sell their cards , dropping the price even lower.

The second half starts and big man Lukaku runs down the RW, knocking out defenders just by looking at them, puts in a delicious cross and sprints into the D and scores a bicycle off his own cross that hits the post and goes in. The crowd goes wild, you’ve never witnessed anything like this in your life and you watch the 24 different replays and still can’t figure out how he did it.

He now sits at 23,000 coins. That 2 minutes you spent not reacting cost you an investment. You have roughly 30 seconds to react before you are buying at an inflated price. Now let’s remember, he has only scored once and is a long way from securing himself an inform card. However suddenly he has a chance, one more goal should be enough and that’s what people are buying into, the hype. We are also loving the hype, we aren’t buying into it though, we are selling into it. He scores, we buy at 19,000 coins and then within a minute sell for 23,000 coins.

Remember, with one goal this investment is a risk, we hate risk. Just like we have a buying period, we also have a selling period. Sell during the hype or else risk watching the price slowly plummet back down.

Now in the 65th minute, He scores again. 2 goals in any match for Manchester United practically guarantees him a slot now. We have already sold our investments from before for 23,000 coins and when checking the market he is now 25,000 coins. The initial reaction is disappointment from selling after his first goal. You did the right thing, the amount of times that decision backfires will massively outweigh the one time it pays off. Once again we have a chance to invest and sell of hype, buying at 19,000, and selling at 25,000 is great profit.


Long Term Special Card Investments

We have had a look at special card trading on a short term basis. Now let’s have a look on the factors that change when we are in it for the long haul. This includes the supply, demand and most importantly, the price.


Special Card Demand Over Time.

The price fluctuations of a special card over the week of release was covered in the short term guide. The actual demand for them on a long term basis can be estimated only after they leave the pack.

It becomes clear that a player is in high demand if after a week we find only a handful of that player on the market. You can make an educated guess that the demand of a particular player will increase if pro players or youtubers are creating a song about them. If this player somehow manages to fill a gap when options are unavailable, you can expect there to be a continuous and significant rise in demand which can be seen for months.

A few things need to be taken into consideration like the initial number of cards that entered the market, the basis of the demand (public hype or long term) , the likeliness of the card being replaced in the near future, the current value of the average player and hence how much in demand is the card at the current time and its approximate value.

Special Card Supply Over Time.

Only one question here actually matters. Is the card really that good?

What we mean by this is, does this card do well in the game or not.

No one will pay over the price for a card that they don’t feel is an upgrade over a NIF. Only if people think that this card will improve their team and this card will be the one that helps them win games will they want to buy it. This is the first thing to be taken into consideration when looking for a card to invest in for a long term.

Next comes player status. Popular, meta players like Pogba, Ronaldo, Messi and Varane will always be in demand owing to their star status and brand value. These players will sell regardless of their performance. Let’s assume a hypothetical situation where a card is released that plays exactly like any one of them but the only difference is that he is a completely unknown player from a La Liga team unheard of. However fantastic this player is, he cannot generate the excitement that the meta players can and will fail to receive the recognition he deserves. All this just because he isn’t as famous.

Lastly, we need to consider what the card actually says. The stats need to look impressive enough for casuals who usually base their decisions on what the card says. The league should be a usable one that can be easy to link up to and make a team with. The next thing that is to be considered is the nation and the ease of it being able to be turned into a hybrid if required. Always take everything at face value and never overestimate the average FUT player.

This was all the factors that can and will influence the price and demand of a particular card. Now that you know them, it is time to put this knowledge to use.

If a card receives all positives after a basic evaluation, there are chances that there will be a high demand and therefore supply will fall drastically. If the card has multiple negatives, chances are the demand will remain low and we will not advise to invest in such cards.

Always take into account the number of cards that entered the market initially.

Factors That Affect This.

Only one thing can convert great cards with really high demand into a good card with a relatively lower demand. And that is the release of new cards.

When you want to invest for a longer period, a few questions need to be answered first. They include-

  • Is this player likely to receive another special card?
  • If yes, how soon?
  • Can this card be easily replaced if some other player was awarded it too?
  • Is there a genuine demand? Or just created by hype?

Many people get stuck with bad investments just because they didn’t do their research of the market, purchased at the wrong time, refused to sell when they should have and did not have a backup exit plan. Do not make these mistakes.


Special Card Price Over Time.

Once you have read this guide, you can attempt to predict the price of a special card and its viability and worthiness for a long term investment. You should be able to estimate a rough valuation of the price over an X amount of time by taking into consideration how limited the initial supply was with how high the demand is expected to be.

More important that buying, it is the time of the purchase that matters. The correct time of purchase ensures that you take minimum risk. The most commonly followed practice is Mondays or Tuesdays after a weekend league when most of the cards are still in their packs. Though this is followed by most, it is not a foolproof method and may be different every year.

Selling is as important as buying. And just how timing mattered there, it does here too.

You could miss out on a big profit just because of impatience and restlessness. Inversely, if you hold onto the card too long, you could miss out on a huge payday and lose a chunk of coins not to mention the time wasted over this investment which turned bad.  

Our tip: Set a cash out price for every investment. When the card reaches this price, cash out.

You can always re-invest this profit in another card. But make sure to take into account all the above mentioned factors when deciding a long term investment plan.


Bronze Pack Method

People search all around for a complete BPM guide but to no avail.Luckily for you we have compiled the perfect BPM guide for everyone.Can you make significant  profit from BPM?

The answer is definitely yes, People usually think that you can only make like 15k per week or so but this couldn’t be further than the truth. Using BPM as we have explained in this guide you could get around 400-500k per month if you follow it to a T

Do you need a huge transfer list for this to work? The answer is no, But the more you can unlock through EA’s catalogue ,the better. You could also get your friends to gift you those items and boost your transfer list size even more.

Don’t expect to get profit by packing Akinfenwa thrice in a row or something like that.Also for how long do you need to list the players? Regardless of whether you will be getting back to your game after 10 minutes, 10 hours or even 10 days you should only list your players for 1 hour which is the default amount of time.

Some things that you should keep in mind-

  • Never move anyone from your transfer list, always try again.Always use the ‘relist all’ button. Everything sells eventually.
  • If you packed a player that cost 1700 (lowest BIN) ,list for 1500 or even for 1400, you want him to be gone as quickly as possible,it is best when the player is sold instantly.
  • You shouldn’t keep players that can’t be sold in your club, always quicksell those cards or run them through upgrades.
  • If you could make profit from every pack that you open people would stop playing the game and only open packs. Over a long enough timeline you will begin to see profits even if you make a loss in some packs. You could have a streak of 10 packs where you will not be able to sell anything. But don’t get frustrated. At the end those coins will come back once the MM SBCs come and you are prepared.
  • At times, you will sell everything. And at times you may sell nothing. So don’t be disappointed when you sell nothing. Instead, don’t lose hope and try again.  
  • Pro tip: If it’s late and you are going offline or going to sleep, relist all the items at the same time. It is more effective and an efficient way to get things done. It is a minimum risk, low effort method. It may also help with people’s addictions or obsession with packs.
  • Instead of opening the 750 coin packs, open the 400 coins packs.


Now, most importantly, what do you sell?


Premier League Half of the players will be sold for 200 and half for more. Always sell them. They should be relisted even if the don’t sell because eventually someone will pick them up regardless of their club and rating. They usually will sell on your first try, sometimes immediately. Every bronze card from the ‘big 6’ should be bought immediately because of the huge fan bases these teams have. Premier League players are not too common. But neither are they too rare. Statistically, you will get one every 10-12 packs.

English League (ENG 2, ENG 3, ENG 4)  Always check their prices. You see that 49 rated player you got from Crewe Alexandra might be worth 1,500! Don’t forget to check what the lowest BIN is. Championship players will be sold really quickly within the first couple of listings.  

League 1 and League 2 players may take some time. But don’t worry. After a few more listings, they will be sold. Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is that they are very common. You will find a Championship/League 1/League 2 player in about every 2 packs.

BundesligaThese players are as common as Premier League players. Their price too is similar, about 200. That is unless they play for famous and well known clubs. Hence it is always advised to check. Even if a player is from a big, known club, they will not sell instantly.

Serie A/La LigaLet’s get one fact straight. These players are EXTREMELY rare. A La Liga player is rarer than a Serie A player. When listed for the lowest BIN or above 200, they will be sold quickly without any hassles.

Ligue 1 You know it’s your lucky day when you see a Ligue 1 player. Why?! Well, because selling him will be no tough task. These players usually sell for more than 200. And since they are very rare, they are sold quickly once listed.

Pro League/Russian League/Super Lig/Liga NOS/MLS/Eredivisie All players from these leagues are pretty commonly found, except Russian League and Liga NOS players. They are quite rare. Always check the prices for these players as they can easily go for around 1,500 (owing to overprices SBCs). You don’t need to check goalkeepers because a bronze keeper that is worth more than 200 is yet to be seen. Also, goalies might take some more time to sell. But don’t give up. Outfield players from these leagues will be sold quite soon.

Liga MX –  We’re sure you’re wondering why we didn’t include this with the other leagues that have SBCs. It’s because some of the bronzes in this league can be sold only after more than 20 tries or so! Though they are really rare, some may be sold immediately and some won’t. It completely depends on luck more than anything.

Rest of the leagues We’d suggest don’t bother unless the player is from a big nation. You can try SPL players if you are up for the risk. Sometimes rare player cards can surprise you, always check the prices. You never know when you’re sitting on a lotto ticket.

Brazilian players They are much rarer than you would think. We suggest to always sell them. Some may be bought instantly and some may be sold only after multiple tries.

Special cases A player with good stats, an overhyped  youngster, any under 48 players or a rare nation-league combo (big footballing nation or a sellable league) all are special cases where many factors have to be looked into before making a decision to sell and the right time to list the item.



ContractsIrrespective of it being a NR bronze or a rare silver , don’t ever sell this. The abundant supply may fool you. But always remember. Do not sell it!

Fitness cards We suggest that you always sell your fitness cards. Rare fitness cards can be very useful in the BPM. Check futbin and list them lower than the lowest BIN as you should want to get rid of it as soon as possible. NR bronze/silver sell for about 200. A squad fitness card is seen every 10-15 packs.

General fitness cards are seen every about 2 packs.

Healing cardsFirstly check futbin and sell for 200 or just below the lowest BIN. Head cards are quite useless. Rarity order (first is most common): Upper body (sell immediately for 450), head, leg, knee, all injuries, foot.

Training cards They sell +5 pace, +5 shooting and all attributes. Desirable ones like Pace will go for 200 coins easily and the  all attributes training cards goes for 250.These cards are very common, the GK cards more so.

Club items

Don’t even bother trying to sell them as no one will buy it. It doesn’t matter how nice the kit is or how amazing the stadium. You can keep it or get rid of it quickly.

Club staff

Again, no need to split it down, quick sell or keep them. The physios or coaches are much more common than they are in gold packs.


We sincerely hope that this article was informative and will help you make a sound decision and help you choose and utilize the trading methods that you are comfortable with and ensure the optimization of your time spent into the game.