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Your initial charge will be $22.90. You will be charged $22.90 per month until cancelled.

See the Autobidder in Action

The Autobidder Module is even better than the Autobuyer, but different. It automatically Bids on Items live in the Market allowing you simulate manual trading and get the Cheapest Deals Ever!

See the Autobuyer in Action

The FUT Trading Revolution is Back. The FUTMillionaire Autobuyer 14 brings you even faster trading automation and a more solid, secure build, that reduces mistakes. PC/Mac compatible.

What You Can Do With the FUTMillionaire Trading Center

  • Make Millions Trading on Autopilot

    With the Autobuyer and Autobidder, you can Automate your Trading and make serious coins, while you’re sleeping, in school or just playing FIFA or another game.

  • Make Over 100k a Day Trading Manually

    Oldschool trading still works, particularly the Legendary FUTMillionaire Method that made many Millions to our members last year, now improved with HOURLY Updated Trading Prices.

  • Buy Bargains Instantly, Dominate the Markets

    The Autobuyer will INSTANTLY pick up Bargains as they are placed on the Market, and so you will dominate all the other Traders that Still use  Methods like Min. 59.

  • Dominate the End of Auctions

    With the Autobidder,you can take control of the last seconds of any Auction, by making the Program BID for you automatically on cards, until you win the Auction, allowing you to get the best deals ever.

  • Private Updated Trading Lists

    With the FUTMillionaire Trading Center and the Private Trading List, we know what is working Right Now in the Markets, so you are Always Up to Date on WHAT TO BUY, WHEN TO BUY, and at Which Price!

  • Hourly AutoUpdated Buying and Selling Prices

    The New AutoUpdated Prices Calculator, analyzes the Markets HOURLY, taking note of all the items bought and sold, and gives you approximate trading prices, so you know exactly how much you can pay for an item, and at what price to relist it for a BIG PROFIT.   (PS/XBOX)

FUTMillionaire Member Review

Build Your Best Team Ever

This is the Team I purchased right after the Spanish Team of the Season was Released back in FIFA13

As you can see that Team that team is worth over 10 Million coins, and has players who are worth Several Million Coins.  I can tell you that TOTS Ronaldo cost me around 3 Million coins, Messi TOTS cost me 2 Million Coins.

What’s your Dream Team? Have you thought that at the Rate you’re making Coins, You’ll NEVER be able to afford the best players in the game?

Get the FREE  ”The 5 TOP TRADER Secrets” Mini Guide

If you are broke and can’t afford the Membership, getting this Mini-Guide will not make you a FUTMillionaire, but it will allow you to get a Small Glimpse inside the mind of a PRO Trader and Help You Understand how they make their Millions of Coins.

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FUTMillionaire Member Review

What Makes our Programs the Best in the Market

How The Autobuyer Works

The New FIFA 14 Autobuyer (Buy Now) and Autobidder (Bid) Buy UP TO the Buying Price you set and then Lists the Bought items at the Selling Price you set. Minimum Trade Profit is presented in the Adding Screen (already without EA’s gold coin tax).

It also clears Sold Items and Re-Lists Unsold until they Sell.

The New FUT14 Version of our Programs even pulls and re-lists items from the Unassigned Pile when they go there due to the Trade Pile being full.

You can Trade Players (In Forms Supported), Fitness Cards, Contracts, Chemistry Style Cards and Position Cards

Protection for your Coins

A big Problem with other Autobuyers in the Market is that they are too error prone. Which means the tiniest of mistakes could mean that you spend many thousands of coins in a short time.

FUTMillionaire Autobuyer & Autobidder on the other hand have a Preset Buying Limit so you make sure nothing goes wrong.

PS4 and XBOX One Compatible

You can use it with FIFA for XBOX 360, PS3, PC… or even the New Gen Consoles like PS4 or XBOX One…

It Doesn’t Matter What Your Platform is, our Program Supports it.

Our Program will Detect and Select the Correct One Automatically and Log in your Account to Trade on Your Behalf.

Run Multiple Trading Accounts

If you want to Take Your Trading to the Next Level you can Run Unlimited instances of the Program on your Computer.

That way you are able to Run the Autobuyer and the Autobidder module at the same time, or Trade in Multiple Trading Accounts.

100% Safe

We Focus 100% on Your Account and Coins Security, so we Developed a System to Preserve Account Theft and to Avoid Errors that Might Cost you Coins.

Unlike other Autobuyers in the Internet, our Autobuyer NEVER Stores your Login Data.

With the New Safety Features in the Autobuyer, your Coins are Much Safer with our Program than any other in the Market.

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Your initial charge will be $22.90. You will be charged $22.90 per month until cancelled.

Get Paid to Play FIFA

How Much a PRO Trader Earns…

  • A PRO Trader makes 1 Million Coins a week conservatively.
  • in 30 days that is over 4 Million coins.
  • 1 Million Coins can be sold for $300-$400 if you choose to sell those coins to other players.
  • this means you’re looking at a $1200-$1600 REAL MONEY monthly profit, maybe more.



Add an Additional Income to Your Life

That is right… last year, we had people messaging us they had paid for their holidays overseas, pre-ordered PS4 or XBOX One, ALL PAID FOR with the Money they made from selling the coins they made with our Methods and Programs.

Will you be making that much coins in your first week of trading? Probably not, you’d need to be very good at trading already.

However it’s just a matter of taking the time to learn how to do it with the help of our Tutorial Videos and Guides.

FUTMillionaire Member Review


Monthly Million Coins Giveaways to Members

That’s right we will now be offering Millions of coins monthly on different platforms.
To qualify, you only need to be a FUTMillionaire Member to enter the Random draw where we pick the winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow many coins will I make per day?

    It usually only depends on how much time you have to trade, and how good of a trader you are.
    With the FUTMillionaire Trading Center, we give you all the Tools you could possibly want to be a
    Pro Trader, so it’s just a matter of learning using our Tutorials until you get to that over 200k a day
    level that some of us achieved.

  • q-iconDo the programs work on Mac?

    Absolutely, this year we made sure the programs are 100% Mac Compatibile, with no extra installations needed.

  • q-iconI was already a Member last year, is there a difference?

    YES! Although our profitable trading principles haven’t changed, we have gathered all the knowledge we learned last year, and made it quickly available to you, along with new methods and forms of trading.
    This year you are also getting Buying/Selling prices UPDATED TO THE DAY, which means that you only have to follow them in the web application and you wont have a hard time  making money!

  • q-iconDo you sell/buy coins?

    No, we currently do not offer a coin selling service, nor buy coins from you. We are 100% committed in helping our members achieving coins by trading, and the trading we make is for our own enjoyment, and to do giveaways to the Members.

  • q-iconDo You Store My Data?

    We have no access to your Login Data, and as we don’t store it, we require you to input it everytime you start the program, so the program can log in the Web application on your behalf.

  • q-iconHow Safe is my Account?

    It’s almost impossible that your Account gets in trouble. We have added new security features to the Autobuyer this year, and we always recommend that you use a separate trading FUT account just to be safe.  With this said, less than 1% of the people who were using our Program last year had problems, and in the off-chance that is you, we will replace your License.

If the Programs are not working for you, we will help you personally and if that still doesn’t do it, you will get your money back.

Gain Instant Unlimited Access to the FUTMillionaire Trading Center…

Your initial charge will be $22.90. You will be charged $22.90 per month until cancelled.